Nancy Frandsen – Vice President/Agency Services Manager

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Nancy began her career with Stewart Title Guaranty Company in October, 1996. Prior to this, she worked for many years as an escrow officer for a local law firm and for Stewart Title of Utah in the late 1980s.

Nancy is currently vice president and Agency Services Manager for Stewart Title Guaranty Company in the states of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. She is a native of Utah and graduated in 2001 with a B.S. degree from the University of Utah wanting to finish her college degree which she began 25 years earlier. She and her husband reside in Kaysville, Utah where they raised four sons. She enjoys road trips and spending time with her growing family.

Nancy is grateful for the time she gets to spend with hard working, generous people at Stewart independent-issuing agencies, and for the beautiful miles of scenic byways she gets to travel to visit these friends!