SharperLending Partners with Online Documents to Enhance Bundled Services Platform

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Offers purchase and refi documents, state and federal disclosures

SPOKANE, Wash., Aug. 9, 2006 —SharperLending, LLC, provider of a secure Web-based platform that enables lenders to order, store and manage products and services from multiple vendors at a single point of entry, has partnered with Online Documents Inc., a subsidiary of Stewart Mortgage Information (SMI), to offer lenders access to compliant mortgage documents and simplify the closing process. SharperLending’s bundled services platform will allow lenders to access Online Express™ Web to quickly and efficiently generate purchase and refi documents and associated state and federal disclosures.

“Lenders need the assurance that their loan documentation is not going to disrupt the progress of their loan packages,” said Dave Black, president of SharperLending. “Our partnership with Online Documents enables us to strengthen the platform’s offerings and continue our goal of offering solutions that better manage the loan process, while balancing lender’s costs versus fees.”

The SharperLending platform allows users to order all the reports and documents needed to process and close a loan from a secure, single point of input. It offers a flexible solution for managing multiple mortgage products from a variety of service providers.

Online Express™ Web allows originators to create closing documents in a matter of minutes and deliver them electronically to the closing agent, eliminating the need to re-key most of the loan information, which decreases time, reduces errors and speeds loan funding. Originators have 24/7 access to documents via the Web, improving productivity and operational efficiency.

“We understand that mortgage lenders are focused on making the most of their resources,” said Terry Ward, CMB, vice president of corporate development for Online Documents. “Our relationship with SharperLending allows us to offer the services lenders value most related to reliable production of accurate documentation for loan packages.”

About Sharper Lending, LLC

Headquartered in Spokane, Wash., SharperLending, LLC, was founded in 1989 and was the first to offer a complete browser-based mortgage credit reporting system on the Internet. The company’s proven technology has processed more than 40 million secure credit-related mortgage transactions with more than 800 million trade lines. SharperLending, LLC, has three divisions under its corporate umbrella: SharperLending Bundled Services Division, the bundled services platform; SharperLending Affiliated Credit Division, technology for the credit reporting industry; and EPN Solutions, the loan origination product packaging division. For more information, visit

About Online Documents, Inc.

Established in 1988, Online Documents ( provides compliant mortgage documents and related services to lenders, nationwide. Online offers web-based and desktop installations (Online Express™ Web and Online Express™) for local lenders, and more comprehensive enterprise solutions, including MISMO data feeds (Integration Manager™) for regional and national lenders. Online delivers Initial Disclosures and Closing Document packages via the web and to local print destinations within minutes of an order, 24/7. Among its offerings, Online provides Print and Mail Services for Initial Disclosures from its central processing center and offers unique support to Attorneys who prepare documents for lender clients through its advanced Document Review Manager™ technology.


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