Policy Register 2.3 adds electronic policy transmittal to speed reporting to Stewart

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HOUSTON - (Aug. 25, 2003) Landata Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corp. (NYSE-STC), announces the availability of Policy Register 2.3, offering the ability to electronically transmit copies of policies to Stewart, as well as other enhancements to improve title agent productivity.

Agents and district offices use Policy Register to create register reports, send them electronically to the underwriter and reference them at a later date. The program eliminates re-keying and paper reporting, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity and accuracy. Past versions of Policy Register created an electronic XML file of policy data for transmittal to Stewart and multiple underwriters either by CD or by using the Web transmittal feature.

The newest version of Policy Register takes electronic policy reporting one step further by providing the ability to electronically transmit the copy of the policy as a Microsoft® Word or PDF file to Stewart.

American Home Title successfully used previous versions of Policy Register. Since moving to Policy Register 2.3, the company has enjoyed the benefits of electronically transmitting copies of the policies to Stewart, assisting them with inventory control.

"Policy Register 2.3 does a great job of reconciling the inventory with what we're actually issuing. It also allows us to stay accurate with the remittance," said Patrick A. Rice, president, American Home Title. "With previous versions of Policy Register, there was no electronic policy transmittal, so we just couldn't get policies to the underwriter without burning and sending CDs."

Rice became the first Stewart agent to transmit electronic copies of policies to Stewart . More than 500 policies and their endorsements have been transmitted electronically, including the registers and copies of policies in PDF formats. The policies were automatically processed and loaded into Stewart's imaging system without any manual intervention.

About Policy Register

Policy Register lets title agents electronically report policy data to multiple underwriters, including Stewart, using the Internet. It can be used as a stand-alone tool or integrated with AIM® for Windows® and other title and escrow production systems. Policy Register 2.3 works with AIM for Windows 4.03 and 4.1 in both standalone and Titlelogix® environments. Policy Register also sends Stewart prior file data from AIM for Windows to the Stewart Prior Files database to be used as starter files.

Policy Register 2.3 Features

  • Runs on Windows XP and Windows 2000
  • Contains condensed report for registers, prints on letter-sized paper, includes option to sort by file number, policy number or policy date
  • Allows printing choice of condensed or full report
  • Links transaction codes to policy type/prefix combos
  • Allows for $0 gross premium for policies
  • Auto calculates underwriter remittance in data entry
  • Does not require county code to be a field in data entry
  • New error report format includes the file number of the policy
  • Allows for same agent ID across multiple states for other underwriters
  • Sets up a parent/child relationship for inventory
  • Contains online registration
  • Includes External Document Manager to link policy documents to file numbers to electronically send policy copies with register transmittals
  • Includes Home Office Issue reporting functionality

For more information about Policy Register 2.3, visit www.landatatitleoffice.com or contact the Landata HelpCenter at helpcenter@landata.com or 1-888-LANDATA (526-3282).

Landata Systems, Inc. (www.landatasystems.com) is a software developer and technical services provider to the title insurance and real estate industries, offering excellent software development, consulting and support. Landata Systems' products offer: order entry; document preparation; closing and escrow accounting; online underwriting and real estate information; imaging; title plant; and electronic commerce.

Stewart Information Services Corp. (NYSE-STC) is a technology driven, strategically competitive, global real estate information company. Stewart provides title insurance and related information services through more than 6,800 issuing locations in the United States and several international markets. Stewart meets the needs of the real estate and mortgage industries through the delivery of information services required for settlement using e-commerce. These services include title reports, flood determinations, document preparation, property reports, background checks and online property auctions. Stewart also supplies post-closing services to lenders, automated county clerk land records, property and land ownership mapping, and GIS for governmental entities. Stewart provides expertise in tax-deferred exchanges. More information about Stewart can be found at www.stewart.com.


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