Landata Title Plant For Windows And TitleSearch Unite To Offer Feature-Packed Automated Plant System

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HOUSTON - (April 11, 2002) Two of the industry's premier title plant products, Landata Title Plant® for Windows and TitleSearch® have united to form one powerful title plant system under the TitleSearch name.

Stewart Information Services Corporation (NYSE-STC), parent company of the Landata Title Plant for Windows developer, acquired Ultima Corporation, developer of TitleSearch, last year. A goal of the acquisition was to bring the strengths of the companies' two powerful products together.

"We are unifying the two products to provide both Landata Title Plant for Windows and TitleSearch users with the best of both worlds," said Kent Weiand, president, Ultima Corp. "We are combining the outstanding features from both products into a united version of TitleSearch, version 4.5, providing an even more powerful tool to the title plant industry."

The united version of TitleSearch includes the best features from both products, including:

  • Batch backup/restore - a built-in utility that offers an easy batch creation, transfer and deletion process, allowing batches of indices and images to be easily transferred in and out of the system. It also provides easier importing from remote scanning stations and clerk data, as well as easier exporting to other systems.
  • Integrated Link Doc provides advanced ways of linking images imported from various sources or linking newly scanned documents to existing index information.
  • Enhanced stability and performance provide improved report printing, search and verification functions.
  • In addition to the existing hot keys for individual fields and parties, an additional hot key allows duplication of a complete record.
  • More legacy search options provide backwards capability for certain name searches converted from external or legacy index systems.
  • Internet Access allows publishing of title plant data through a fully automated e-commerce site (, including automatic credit card billing for access.

"Though the united TitleSearch program is available today, we will continue to support Title Plant For Windows during the life of the product. We will also provide customers with a seamless upgrade path to future versions of the united TitleSearch product," Weiand said. "Our goal is not to disrupt any Title Plant for Windows users during the transition."

To ensure that Title Plant for Windows users continue to receive dedicated and immediate support, a special helpdesk/technical support line has been established. Title Plant for Windows users can call 1-888-606-7180 with any technical questions.

Users can look forward to an upcoming upgrade for the united TitleSearch program. Version 5.0 will include significant enhancements, including automated examinations and search analysis using advanced business rules and intelligence.

If you have any questions about Title Plant for Windows or TitleSearch, please contact Ultima Corp. at 1-800-528-4853.

Ultima has developed innovative title plant products from its inception. These products included the first commercially available Windows®, Windows 32-bit and Windows MS-SQL based title plant product. Ultima Corporation is headquartered in Hardy, Ark. More information about Ultima can be found at

Stewart Information Services Corp. is a technology driven, strategically competitive, global real estate information company. Stewart provides title insurance and related information services through more than 5,800 issuing locations in the United States and several international markets. Stewart meets the needs of the real estate and mortgage industries through the delivery of information services required for settlement using e-commerce. These services include title reports, flood determinations, property appraisals, surveys, document preparation, property reports and background checks. Stewart also supplies post-closing services to lenders, automated county clerk land records and GIS for governmental entities. Stewart provides expertise in tax-deferred exchanges. More information about Stewart can be found at


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