Closing Information Part 2

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Your closing will actually take place at our office, we will act as escrow agent and title insurer. As detailed in the earnest money contract, the title insurance agent may hold the earnest money, prepare the closing statement and generally coordinate with all the entities involved in the closing. This includes collecting invoices and written information from the mortgage lender, insurance agent, surveyor, attorneys for the buyer-seller-lender, tax search firm, mechanical and termite inspection companies and title underwriter. In addition to acting as escrow agent, we will research the title to your home and issue a commitment for title insurance reflecting the ownership, restrictions, easements, liens and other exceptions that will have an effect on the property. Upon completion of the closing process, an owner’s title policy of title insurance will either be mailed or emailed to the purchaser reciting the exceptions that appeared in the commitment and any additional exceptions that were created at closing.

The policy forms, premium rates, rules and procedures for title insurance are promulgated and controlled by the Texas Department of Insurance in accordance with Texas Insurance Code, Chapter Nine. Therefore, all title companies charge exactly the same premium rate.

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