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REO Asset Management

Performing in today’s world of REO asset management requires the ability to skillfully maneuver among regulatory pressures and government programs. Stewart can help you successfully navigate your way with a full suite of asset management solutions.

Leveraging our management team’s combined years of industry experience, we provide full service, client-driven REO asset management and disposition solutions for investors, mortgage bankers, loan servicers, credit unions, regulated financial and government institutions nationwide.

Our comprehensive REO asset management solution includes:

  • Nationwide solutions
  • Flexibility; not tied to legacy systems
  • Client centric asset management teams
  • Financial strength and wherewithal that enable us to make the necessary investments in people and processes
  • Detailed property and preservation reporting
  • Experienced, industry-proven vendor network
  • Eviction coordination, relocation assistance and lease management
  • Web-based offer management and contract negotiation
  • Title curative and closing coordination
  • An online technology system for access to automated real-time information
  • Detailed KPI reporting, utilizing a Six Sigma IMAIC approach to risk analysis
  • Customized expense process management and electronic billing
  • Short Sale management administration and Deed in Lieu foreclosure services
  • FHA Qualification Package