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Quality Underwriting Integrity Control (QuiC)

Quality Underwriting Integrity Control (QuiC) is a unique software from Wetzel & Associates, a Stewart company, that can help you improve the accuracy and efficiency of your own audits.

This easy-to-use, flexible QC system offers a comprehensive review process broken down into steps that are assigned to individual users for completion. As a user completes each step, the next one in the workflow is created, making it easy to delegate tasks to your colleagues as needed.

Features of QuiC:

  • Provides workflow management and tracking
  • Ensures increased productivity with consistent reviews
  • Maintains a fraud database which provides warnings to loan reviewers if the loan is suspected or has confirmed misrepresentation
  • Provides trend analysis reporting
  • Allows for customized file selection, file review and management reports
  • Automatically produces requests for re-verification
  • Can be configured for secure access by any properly authenticated user with Internet capability
  • All communication is secured through industry standard 128 bit data encryption
  • Designed to run on Microsoft® Windows Server System and SQL Server; .Net C# source code is also available for customization

With QuiC, it’s easy to streamline your internal quality review process to save time and ensure the accuracy of your audits.

To learn more or see a demo of our QuiC software, contact us today at (800) 577-6674 or lenderservices@stewart.com.