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Some companies concentrate solely on their own bottom line – jumping in and out of services to make a quick buck and leaving customers high and dry. At Stewart Lender Services, that’s not how we do business. We believe the key to long term success for us is long term success for you. And, with over 17 years in the mortgage services industry and a parent company in business for over 120 years, we know long term. Our focus is on your big picture. We create solutions using tailored services that encompass all your needs today and into the future. And when you get to that future? We’ll still be there concentrating on your success.

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More capabilities.

We pride ourselves on doing more than people think we do. That’s why we constantly work to evolve and improve. Just take a look at all the things we’re already capable of doing for you.

Document Management Solutions
Large-scale imaging and indexing solutions
Customized document production capabilities
High-volume mailing and package
receipt capabilities
Specialized image-based review capabilities
Data Integrity and Audit Services
Vendor management support
Foreclosure review services
Delinquency management audit
Specialized servicing & origination audits
Component Servicing Solutions
Borrower contact and solicitation
Mortgage collections
FDCPA compliant borrower contact center
Home retention services
Loan modification solutions
Short sale management
Deed-in-lieu solutions
SCRA Call Center and Fulfillment
Default Services
Pre-foreclosure title evidence
Title grading and curative services
Default law firm REO support
Trustee Sale Guarantee solutions
Origination Title
Nationwide title, closing and settlement
Reverse mortgage title, closing and settlement
REO Asset Management
Property inspection/preservation
Eviction, redemption and preservation
Valuation reconciliation and marketing strategies
Offer management
Customized reporting and expense processing
Specialized call centers
REO Title and Settlement
Title search and curative
Closing and funding
Title insurance and underwriting
Mortgage Outsourcing
Origination support
Servicing support
Distressed servicing outsourcing
Risk Analysis
Loan due diligence
Loan quality reviews
CFPB readiness audits
Servicer and sub-servicer oversight
Origination and servicing quality control reviews
Collateral Valuations
Broken Price Opinions
Insured home equity master service policy
Property/market condition inspection report
Standard residential appraisal
Disaster condition report
“The more I work with our customers the more I realize that we are not like most companies in our industry. We approach things differently. At Stewart Lender Services we believe you can do business right and be successful. To us that means that instead of having a goal just to increase profits and to wring as much business from a client as possible, we are instead committed to doing the job right, no matter the costs. We don’t cut any corners and we don’t try and hold our customers hostage. We simply roll up our sleeves and do the work that needs to be done. No games, no risk and no BS. Just a great job done, every time.”

Jason NadeauJason Nadeau President

“Business isn’t always done in the boardroom. We know how busy you are. Let’s face it, in our business there is rarely a moment to relax. So, if you want to skip the boardroom and would rather meet at the airport or over drinks while watching the game, it is whatever is most convenient for you. That is just how we are – down to earth and down to business no matter where we happen to be.”

Scott GillenScott GillenLoss Mitigation/Default Services

“I have been a title guy for 22 years, and coming to Stewart has been a breath of fresh air. We are definitely not like the rest. At Stewart, we believe straightforward honesty beats roundabout explanations any day of the week. We take our business seriously, but ourselves, not so much. We have a lot of problems to solve in the industry, and we are serious about the services we offer to solve them for you. In working with us, you will see that we approach things less conventionally and we make the hard work enjoyable.”

Landon SmithLandon SmithREO Title & Settlement

Less formalities.

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