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Origination Quality Control

Wetzel & Associates, a Stewart company, performs origination quality control reviews on conventional and government loans in accordance with the requirements of FHLMC, FNMA, FHA, VA, USDA, FHLB and lender portfolio programs. All reviews are customized to meet specific customer requirements. These customizations are continually refined and perfected to create an audit profile on a client by client and QC period by QC period basis.

Wetzel & Associates conducts all quality control reviews using our own web-based, workflow driven audit software called Quality Underwriting Integrity Control (QuiC).

QuiC is an easy-to-use, flexible QC system that offers a unique review process broken down into steps and tasks that are assigned to individual users for completion. As a user completes a step, the next step in the workflow is created.

Features of QuIC:

  • Provides workflow management and tracking
  • Ensures increased productivity with consistent reviews
  • Maintains a fraud database which provides warnings to loan reviewers if the loan is suspected or has confirmed misrepresentation• Provides trend analysis reporting
  • Allows for customized file selection, file review and management reports
  • Automatically produces requests for re-verification
  • Can be configured for secure access by any properly authenticated user with Internet capability
  • All communication is secured through industry standard 128 bit data encryption
  • Designed to run on Microsoft® Windows Server System and SQL Server; .Net C# source code is also available for customization

Wetzel & Associates provides monthly quality control reports that include summary and detailed results, individual loan file summaries and historical trends of overall performance. Reports prepared by Wetzel & Associates, a Stewart company, are presented in charts and graphs that can be copied and pasted into executive summary presentations, as needed.

Audit response and rebuttal services are available upon request.

Our origination quality control services include:

  • Pre-funding discretionary review
  • Closed loan discretionary review, denied loan review and early payment default review
  • Investigative/fraud review
  • State and local doc review\
  • Appraisal review
  • Predatory lending review
  • Arbitration review
  • Repurchase review
  • Due diligence review

CFPB requirements are included in all reviews.

For more information about our Origination Quality Control Review services, contact us today at (800) 577-6674 or lenderservices@stewart.com.