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Risk Report

At Stewart Financial Services, our goal is to protect your investment in your business by performing timely bank account reconciliations and informing you of any "red flag" items we identify in your escrow account(s).

Upon completion of each reconciliation, our experts analyze your escrow account for any risk or liability. You will receive a risk report listing any items we found that we advise you to research further with your reconciliation. Examples of items we look for are:

  • Items clearing the bank statement that have not been posted into your accounting software
  • Files with shortages
  • Outstanding payoff, tax and insurance checks that are over 10 days old
  • Outstanding deposits that are over three days old
  • Outstanding incoming wires and outgoing wires that are over three days old
  • Any unusual activity in your account

Our professional and experienced account representatives work with you and your staff to take care of these items in a timely manner – ultimately resulting in decreased losses for your company.

"Stewart Financial is like having a security blanket in an unsecure time. The risk report is an incredible tool that gives you an instant snapshot into potential claims that could cost your business money. It is so handy and concise - truly like having an extra employee on your staff - waiting to help you save money and limit your liability."

- Ronnie J. Treadwell, Owner - Nova Title Agency