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Uniform Commercial Code (UCC Coverage)

Stewart provides the most comprehensive UCC coverage available in the industry through its Article 9 Comprehensive Plus Policy of Title Insurance, which insures a lender’s or buyer’s security/ownership interest in personal property created pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

Available across the U.S. (where permitted by law) and in Puerto Rico, Stewart can provide UCC policies and endorsements customized to address the specific needs of your transaction. Our experts have a vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of developing UCC coverage.

In essence, a UCC policy is a contract of indemnity insuring various aspects of:

  • The attachment, perfection and priority of the security interest
  • Ownership rights of the debtor sufficient to transfer to the lender a security interest in the collateral
  • The execution and authentication of the security agreement and note
  • The financing statement evidencing the security interest and its filing

The lender's form of this policy may be used to insure a security interest in various types of personal property, such as equipment, instruments (this includes promissory notes), inventory, patents, trademarks, software, stock, rents under a lease, a reserve account in connection with a real estate loan, certificated securities, marketable securities (e.g., commercial paper, banker's acceptances, treasury bills, other money market instruments, government securities), and contract for ownership of timber or crops after removal.

Some of the advantages of the Article 9 Comprehensive Plus Policy of Title Insurance are that:

  • Stewart will conduct its own searches and investigation, relieving the lender of having to do its own investigations as to the matters that the policy addresses unless, of course, it chooses to do so
  • Subject to the terms of the policy, Stewart will take on the responsibility for loss by the lender, including costs of defense as to insured matters

Stewart stands ready to provide UCC coverage for your transactions.